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Post-Weight Loss Surgery

Body Balance

Post Weight Loss Surgery

Weight-loss As techniques to induce weight-loss have become safer and are performed often, we have also seen a rapid rise of individuals seeking some surgical correction of the residual issues that develop with weight loss. While the fat may have decreased, there is still a great amount of skin and “saggy tissue” that remains. This will not likely improve regardless of the amount of exercise and continued dieting. Individuals that in this situation frequently will inquire about their options. Many of them will need several different procedures. Most commonly abdominoplasty, extended abdominoplasty, breast lift, breast reduction, breast implants, arm lifts, thigh lifts or even facelift surgery may be requested. It is critical that all patients prioritize their concerns. Sometimes more than one procedure will be required and sometimes they are all performed at one sitting. Others however, will have to have more than one procedure. During your consultation with Dr. Fulks, he will explain your options and assist you on your continued journey at overcoming the issues of concerns. The body lift is performed to remove excess skin and sometimes also fat from the torso and upper legs. It is a complicated procedure that can take three to seven hours under general anesthesia and involves a difficult recovery period of four to six weeks, but it offers an improvement in appearance for patients who have lost significant amounts of weight due to childbearing, diet, exercise or bariatric surgery, or who have loose, inelastic skin for other reasons. The procedure is often combined with others such as breast-lifts, face-lifts and arm lifts to retain a proper body proportion.


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