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Financial Questions

Columbia Plastic Surgery


Billing for medical services has become very complex and incredibly frustrating for everyone in the last several years. Getting 'straight information' from your insurance carrier has become increasingly difficult. Many patients feel as if they are in the dark. Our office works diligently to assist you in navigating this difficult process. It is certainly to your advantage to have your questions addressed before a service is provided, so if you have questions about your insurance, coverage or medical necessity, take the time to discuss this with our staff.

Questions About Financing

Questions about cosmetic procedures can likewise be a little difficult, and we encourage you to ask questions about cost, financing and general payment questions while you are present for your consultation.

Additionally, we encourage patients to make themselves aware of their 'out of pocket' expenses and our office is prepared to assist you in making that determination.

Occasionally, patients may have difficulty fulfilling their financial responsibility and we encourage close communication with our office so that we can be aware and help you with this matter as soon as possible. Glenna will be glad to assist you in understanding and completing your responsibility.

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