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Mini-Tummy Tuck

Compassionate Care & Beautiful Results


tummy tuckFirst….a Mini-Abdominoplasty is not a "real operation".  It is a term that is frequently used to describe any operation to tighten the abdomen that is not a "real tummy tuck".  This approach may be less invasive and simpler or it can be equally complex as a regular abdominoplasty with a similar recovery and risk profile.  Incision can also be quite variable.  However, most women that will have this approach are individuals that simply do not have enough skin tissue to remove, but still have a lower abdominal bulge and fat excess.  While it is possible that a "Mini-Tuck" will be an easier procedure,  that is not always the case.  Mini-Abdominoplasty procedures can be performed in various ways, but generally includes each of these steps and is catered to address each individual's needs.  This is a significant procedure and must be carefully planned surgically but also personally to allow proper healing time.  Liposuction is a frequent component of this procedure.

What is involved in an abdominoplasty?
  • Usually, a lower abdominal incision is made, tissue is elevated off the abdominal wall the muscles are "tightened", excessive skin and fat are excised, liposuction around the edges and the skin incision closed. 
What is a full Abdominoplasty?
  • The procedure involves muscle tightening and skin removal. The incision extends to or beyond the hipbones. Some liposuction may be done but may not be as extensive. Generally, the amount of tissue to be removed will go from the umbilicus to the pubis.  Removing that much skin is just not possible in some patients and that is why a "mini-tuck" might be their choice.
What type of anesthesia is involved?
  • Procedure is usually performed in an outpatient surgery center under general anesthesia.
How long is the recuperation period?
  • You will have limited mobility and stiffness during the first few days following surgery and generally you will be out of work for 2-6 weeks depending on the exact nature of each procedure.

The specific risks and the suitability of this procedure for a given individual can be determined only at the time of consultation. All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome occur occasionally. Major complications are rare.

See Pictures of Mini-Tucks