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Neck Lift Surgery

Compassionate Care & Beautiful Results

Neck Lift Procedures

The neck is one of the first areas to show changes that we associate with aging. However, some anatomical changes can be more related to our genetics than our age. Some excessive fat and muscular make up of the neck are "just that way". Most "aging necks" are addressed by doing some variation of a face lift. Although the surgical approach most often is done through incisions in front of the ears. Occasionally, another incision is made under the chin. However, occasionally a patient can achieve the result that they are looking for by utilizing liposuction.

As is the case with most cosmetic procedures, it is important to carefully consider the nature of your problem and what is might take to make someone happy. Simple procedures like liposuction will not give most patients the same outcome as a more invasive surgical procedure. Discussing you concerns and expectations with your doctor is the most important first step.

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