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What is New

What is new?

It seems as if there is something in the media everyday concerning some new and previously undiscovered plastic surgery product. Frequently, these are presented as "human interest stories" but in reality they are advertisements. In the past, products made it to the market after undergoing some non-bias evaluation and independent research. Because that is not the case any more, patients will clearly find themselves lured into believing some hype and inaccurate information.

We will use this forum to occasionally make some comments about new products, services or general information that you may find interesting.


Shaped Implants

Shaped implants are nothing new. These types of implants we introduced in the early 90's but they fell out of favor because of reported high incidence of rupture of these saline implants. Additionally, there were issues with "rippling and wrinkling" issues that were worse than traditional round implants. This was especially true in thinner patients.

The two more established implant manufacturers in the United States, have recently released shaped silicone implants. A newer Manufacturer (Sientra Inc.) has also release it's own shaped implants as well.

At a recent meeting in Atlanta, many presenters argued about the pros and cons to these shaped implants. At the end of the discussion, it was apparent that these implants offer some minor advantages to some patients, but consistent and solid outcomes could be achieved with any of the available implants. Likewise, all implants choices could lead to less than satisfactory outcomes. Again, these options are all available and your physician will assist you in navigating this confusing market.

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