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Arm Lift Photos

Compassionate Care & Beautiful Results

Arm Lift Surgery

Arm Lift procedures are very powerful operations for those that are in need. Most of these patients have lost weight and were left with a large amount of droopy excessive skin and fat. The most common complaint is a self-conscience about their arms in short sleeves or sleeveless shirts. The trade-off for this surgery is a scar on the back of the arm. While every attempt is made to minimize these scars, they can be visible and must be considered before making this choice.

Case 1

Brachyoplasty1aBrachyoplasty 1b

Brachyoplasty 1cBrachyoplasty 1d

Case 2

Brachyoplasty 2aBrachyoplasty 2b

Brachyoplasty 2cBrachyoplasty 2d

Case 3

Brachyoplasty 3aBrachyoplasty 3b

Case 4

Brachyoplasty4aBrachyoplasty 4b

Case 5

Brachyoplasty 5aBrachyoplasty 5b

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