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Liposuction Photos




Liposuction is a procedure that attracts a great deal of attention. Often it is portrayed as a "magic wand" for transforming a person into a "thin person". Those misconceptions are responsible for many patient's dissatisfaction. As you look at these pictures, notice the contouring changes. Bringing down a "bulge" to match the surrounding areas is what liposuction does best.

Case 1

Liposuction to the inside and outside thighs

Liposuction 1aLiposuction 1b

Same patient had a breast augmentation

Liposuction 1cLiposuction 1d


Case 2

Liposuction to the outer thighs

Liposuction 2aLiposuction 2b


Case 3

Liposuction to the abdomen

Liposuction 3aLiposuction 3b


Case 4

Liposuction to the outer thigh

Lipsuction 4aLiposuctions 4b


Case 5

Liposuction to the neck

Liposuction 5a Liposuction 5b

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