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Facelift Photos

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Facelifts are almost synonomous with plastic surgery, yet it remains an operation that seems to be wrapped in mystery and misinformation. As with many things in plastic surgery, facelift surgery is not just one operation. There are many ways to do facelifts, but generally it is a procedure that is directed at addressing the lower half of the face. Correction of the jawline, neck droop and deepening 'smile lines' are the main efforts with a traditional facelift. It is frequently performed with other procedures such as eyelids.


Case 1

Facelift 1aFacelift 1b

Facelift 1cFacelift 1d


Case 2

Facelift 2aFacelift 2b

Facelift 2cFacelift 2d

Case 3

Facelift 3a Facelift 4b


Case 4

Facelift 5a Facelift 5b

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