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Injectable Fillers



Juvederm and other Dermal Fillers

Subcutaneous fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are very commonly used products. The products are designed to fill in lines, dips and "empty" areas to build the tissue up and make these lines less noticeable. Areas around the mouth, frown lines, smile lines and deficient areas around the eyes are the most common areas it is used. This is an in-office procedure and is tolerated well with minimal risk. Bruising is not expected, but is the most common post-procedure complication.

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juvaderm 1ajuvaderm 1b

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juvaderm 2aJuvederm 2b

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juvaderm 3ajuvaderm 3b

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juvaderm 4ajuvaderm 4b

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Juvederm 5aJuvederm 5b

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