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Skin Care

Obagi Skin Care


Skin Care

Skin care is a central part of slowing the aging process. This is something that is a lifetime choice for patients. Neglecting your skin early in life can lead to some irreversible changes that will lead to many disappointments in the future. Not smoking, eating right, limiting sun exposure and a daily skin care program is essential to good skin care.

Our office specializes in high end, physician overseen skin care programs. We utilize many specialized skin care products that will help you achieve your goals of skin health. Our staff is highly skilled in assisting each patient in finding their best look. Each patient requires a little different approach and system and we make every effort to assist you in finding that balance.

Additionally, we provide a full line of in-office treatments that range from light chemical peels all the way to much more aggressive and deeper chemical peels.

The case below shows a patient that had a deeper chemical peel, Juvederm injections and lower eyelid blepharoplasty. Her results are remarkable.

Case 1

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